Submission Guidelines


The key to the future lies in innovation but with the current business scenario being one with anaemic growth environment, sustenance in the present has become exceedingly important. Declining corporate confidence coupled with an uncertain economic base calls for strategic action in the present with a view to grow and thrive in the future. For businesses, mere survival is not possible; demanding economic conditions ask for nurturing the ailing business world through cutting-edge strategies. The conventional ideas may not hold true forever and today’s innovations will provide economic stability for the present and subsequently enable businesses to capitalise on the emerging growth opportunities of the future.


  • The full paper should not be more than 12 pages in length
  • Research Paper should be submitted only in Microsoft Word 2007 format (*.docx) with font as Times New Roman, 12 pt., Spacing 1 and margin 1” on all sides 
  • Page size should be A4
  • The paper should follow the ‘Formatting Guidelines’ strictly
  • The last date for submitting the full research paper is February 16, 2013 to:
  • Selected research papers will be published in the Institute’s journal